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Cooper split circular roller bearings have two lines of even rollers, a typical sphered external ring raceway and two inward ring raceways slanted at a point to the bearing pivot. They are intended to oblige weighty outspread burdens, joined with or without pivotal burdens in the two ways. The bearings are appropriate for china Split spherical roller bearing both situating just as non-finding bearing places of shafts. Their split plan makes them helpful for out of reach applications where mounting, getting off and upkeep is a test. The split circular roller bearings can be utilized in various distinctive hard core businesses like Mining, Mineral Processing and Cement.

The split to the shaft bearing can be worked around the shaft without destroying adjoining gear or hardware. This implies critical decreases in fitting time over strong bearings, with emotional decreases in personal time and enormous investment funds in plant upkeep. Investment funds are particularly high in “caught” or unavailable areas.

Any place apparatus is feeling the squeeze to act in the most requesting working conditions ashore, underground or submerged, you’ll discover Cooper bearings continuing forward.

Since Thomas Cooper concocted the split roller bearing in 1907, the Cooper brand has been all around acknowledged as the benchmark for split roller bearing quality and ability.

Over 100 years after the fact, SKF Cooper is glad to keep offering the greatest and vastest scope of split to the shaft bearings available, affirming the organization’s status as innovation pioneer.

Any place large companies request dependable, adaptable mechanical arrangements you’ll discover Cooper split bearings.

We have administration and circulation focuses in the UK, USA, Germany, China, India, Brazil and Australia and portrayal all throughout the planet, adding to modern examples of overcoming adversity across every one of the six mainlands.

Our key business sectors

Ventures that capacity in testing conditions across the globe – over the ground, underground and submerged – all profit with the expanded life, load limit, fixing and workableness highlights of Cooper split bearings.

We work in:




Ordinary Power and environmentally friendly power

Concrete and other structure materials


also, numerous different areas where working conditions are past the normal.

Cooper bearings are needed to adapt to grimy, wet or rough circumstances where temperatures can be outrageous – in the production of steel, for instance. Our split bearings adapt to the situation without fail.

You will discover Cooper bearings consolidated into fundamental:


Marine drive frameworks


Cooling beds

Constant casters

Stacker reclaimers

Engines and generators

also, numerous different applications where benefit relies upon dependability and adaptability.

Discover how Cooper Roller Bearings have profited our clients on the tributes page.

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