Electric car is good, or motorcycle is good?

Electric motorcycles and motorcycles, the essence is still to return to the topic of cars and new energy vehicles. If there is no administrative intervention, it is estimated that few people are willing to buy new energy vehicles, which is expensive and brings trouble to themselves. Many places are not mature. Looking at electric motorcycles and fuel-powered motorcycles, one reason, of course, will choose motorcycles, 8 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult electric vehicles running on the street, more is required at the national level.

  1. Electric motorcycles, many places are now strictly implementing the licensing policy. The traditional kind of licenses can be used without any need to get on the road. The electric motorcycle will be constrained as the oil and motorcycle. In this way, there is no advantage in electric motorcycles. In the past, many people riding electric vehicles were tempted to use cards without the need to test licenses. Motorcycles were subject to strict restrictions as cars. This is the root cause of electric motorcycles. It is.
  2. battery technology has no fundamental breakthrough, electric vehicles can not break through the bottleneck of convenience, the general knight car, full of a box of oil, you can run for four or five hundred kilometers, is a small pedal, running two or three hundred kilometers is also very relaxing. The average battery car, filled with electricity once, is about 8 hours and can only run about 60 kilometers. Although it is difficult to refuel in many places on motorcycles, there are still many methods. Once you add oil, it will take a few minutes.8 inch mini electric scooter portable foldable for adult
  3. in the city,  if it is to buy food, go to work within 30 kilometers, and the terrain is relatively flat, of course, you can buy electric cars here, after all, charging in the city is very convenient, the battery has any problem to solve is easy, and electric vehicles The noise is small, easy to control, and the maintenance is relatively simple and economical. It is suitable for some family women and elderly children.
  4. the motorcycle is suitable for people with good physical conditions, in addition to the distance to work, the people are very convenient to drink tea, you can also go on a nearby outing, if it is the kind of mountain city in Chongqing, of course, the battery car can not run.
  5. battery car short-term purchase price is cheap, but the battery is generally used for 1-2 years, lithium battery will be better, the same will have attenuation, so long-term battery replacement, the cost is not low, this counts, maybe with the motorcycle It is almost the same. Of course, the investment in the early stage of the motorcycle is relatively large, and it is also more troublesome to change the oil and other maintenance.
  6. If the local city is forbidden, of course, you can’t ride a motorcycle. You must do things in strict accordance with the laws of the country. Otherwise, it will be a troublesome thing to trouble yourself. If it is the kind of electric bicycle that meets the national standard, it is almost possible to use it like a bicycle.

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