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Present day rotational viscometers are accessible with a wide assortment of hardware upgraded for the estimations on examples in the research center or on location at the creation offices or capacity or transport holders. For the estimations in the lab, the viscometers with a stand are regularly utilized, where the example is filled into a … [Read more…]

Concrete Sheath Integrity In Oil and Gas Wells

Na Solid has made a responsibility towards accomplishing functional greatness. We will probably convey the most noteworthy conceivable worth to our clients by offering the best types of assistance and specialized help. Permits the chief to officially concede a special case or support an other packaging/tubing program needed by this part given that the plan … [Read more…]

¿Qué materiales y equipos se utilizan en los invernaderos?

Antes de describir los materiales y el equipamiento, es importante tener clara la clasificación de los cobertizos para invernaderos. Los invernaderos son para objetos de plantación y cría y los parámetros ambientales requeridos son ciertamente específicos. Por ejemplo, si se cultivan setas en el interior, este invernadero está pensado para las setas, y si se … [Read more…]

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PT-D H-2 Automatic Kinematic Viscometer is planned and made according to Standard Test Method for Viscosity Number and Limiting Viscosity Number of Polymers in Dilute Solution. It is reasonable to decide Kinematic thickness, consistency number, and restricting consistency number of oils and polymer in weaken arrangement. PT-D E Asphalt Kinematic Viscosity Tester is utilized to … [Read more…]

Oil Well Cement

Also, most sorts of cement are intended for these assorted and inescapable structure needs. Chandler Engineering research facility hardware is truly solid and intended for long time obligation. For example, units, which were delivered to Russia in 80s-90s are as yet in help. We comprehend the significance of on-time conveyance for oil and gas field … [Read more…]


The oil top ought to just be available to snatch the oil and shut right subsequently. Try not to snatch the oil, continue to oil the part, and afterward close the oil top when you’re finished. This is likewise the motivation behind why more established watches may possess a scent like fish when you open … [Read more…]

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The instrument is planned so the consistency in centipoise of a Newtonian liquid is shown on the dial with the standard rotor, weave, and twist spring working at 300 rpm. Viscosities at other test velocities might be estimated by utilizing multipliers of the dial perusing. A straightforward estimation that intently approximates the thickness of a … [Read more…]

Scratch Test For Strength And Toughness Of Oil Well Cement With Nanoclay As An Additive

“Deserted Wells. What ends up oiling and gas wells when they are at this point not useful?”. Inland wells can be extensively less expensive, especially if the field is at a shallow profundity, where costs range from under $4.9 million to $8.3 million, and the normal fruition costing $2.9 million to $5.6 million for each … [Read more…]

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Heated water encompasses the holders along these lines even temperature infiltration into the items from all sides. Improved water dissemination framework ensures homogenous temperature dispersion. Less weight on the compartments accomplished by the lightness impact from drenching the heap in water, like semi-inflexible plate, pockets and so forth Logos Pack is one of the top … [Read more…]

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The retort pocket is more slender and can be disinfected in a brief timeframe, and the first tone, smell, taste and state of the food are protected however much as could be expected. While Silgan Containers has a background marked by delivering jars for more than 100 years, we’re continually searching for ways of obliging … [Read more…]