Polytech Instruments

heat seal tester  For testing metals and other components below tension, compression bending, transverse and shear loads. Software advancements are also going to be critical for overcoming some of the physics challenges CT scanning faces when it comes to very dense components. There are energy limitations on what you can do, but we require to … [Read more…]

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

steel bearings for sale  We, at Miniature Balls, have been manufacturing bearing balls since our inception. Plain bearings typically handle only lower speeds, rolling element bearings are faster, followed by fluid bearings and finally magnetic bearings which are limited ultimately by centripetal force overcoming material strength. Watch makers produce “jeweled” watches using sapphire plain bearings … [Read more…]

Wastewater Treatment In The Food Industry

purified water in pharmaceutical industry  Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems are used all throughout food and beverage wastewater treatment applications because of their ability to remove total suspended solids (TSS) and particulate BOD. Higher clarity water requires less energy to treat, and as a result, pretreatment of wastewater is common in systems where UV disinfection is used. Water … [Read more…]

Transportable Generators Fulfill Many Requirements

Silent, exceptional fuel economy and extremely reliable generators built in Japan to the highest attainable standards. We have a wide selection of commercial and industrial generators for sale from best brands like Hyundai and Stephill These come in a variety of capacities to suit a assortment of demanding operating applications. As lengthy as the diesel generators … [Read more…]

Overhead Crane Operator Candidate Video 01

In our eighty years producing lifting gear, Konecranes has risen to change into the world’s selection for overhead crane tools and service, container handling gear, shipyard cranes, bulk handling cranes and carry vehicles. We typically think of the colour temperature by way of the whiteness or warmness of a lightweight source: “Warm White” = 3000 … [Read more…]

Liquid Filling Machine

We Supply all Pharma Machinery like Capsule Filling, Packaging ,Tablet Making,Capping and Polishing Machines. Machines can handle a variety of can sizes and volumes offering today’s craft brewers and small soda and carbonated flavored water bottlers a wide range of flexibility. Liquid Filling Machines & Bottle Filling Equipment. Smartpack Packaging Filling Machines is a leading … [Read more…]

Tests Important For Ideal Quality Assurance Of The Packaging Components

paper tensile strength tester  The section of Universal Testing Machines consists of detecting the deformations of numerous components such as concrete, cement, metal, rock, asphalt, soil, and so forth. In the course of the distribution cycle, which includes the storage and handling of the load, items could be subjected to compression forces that deform them … [Read more…]